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Roycey is an avid fundraiser and in 2014 he took on personal challenges as well as helped raise funds hosting charity events which in total meant he amassed over 200k for causes close to his heart, mainly The NSPCC. Roycey can often be found helping out the smaller, less publicly known charities for a variety of causes and people wanting to "Make a difference"




Roycey plans even more spontaneous charity events and challenges and has now dedicated his new YouTube channel to focus on #RoyceysAnytimeChallenge which allowshis followers on Twitter and his FB page to "Rent out Roycey" for their charity by asking him to do ANY challenge to raise funds for any charity or individual.


The proposer goes about the fundraising. ..Roycey does the challenge and he has no rules and no shame!


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Roycey's Anytime Challenge

Find out about all of Roycey's charity work

Visit Roycey's JUST GIVING page by clicking HERE

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Roycey 's Big Jump!

7 Day Cycle

In May of 2014, Roycey undertook a personal challenge to ride from Edinburgh to London.


Roycey pledged to undertake the cycle if his Twitter followers helped get teenage cancer sufferer, Stephen Sutton's appeal fund up to £3 million. The goal was duly smashed and Roycey kept his part of the deal by completing the journey unaided. Read all about his adventures HERE

Ian jumped out of a plane all in aid of charity. It was his biggest fear and something he did not want to do on any level. However he faced his fear and did it! Watch the video for proof!


Please make the jump worthwhile by donating to The NSPCC HERE


Or text 70070 including IANR67 and amount.  

Roycey Walks 18 Miles as Spiderman!

Roycey offered to walk to Oscar Oakley's Phoenix Centre Fundraising Day dressed as Spiderman if the total donations went up by £1500 by Sunday midday.


Needless to say, the target was reached and Roycey had to don more lyrca than you would expect to see on a Sunday morning"


On the day Roycey shared "It's 18 miles and it's south London and my spiderman outfit doesn't fit!"


He overcame all obstacles such as extreme lycra chaffing and getting lost to complete the challenge!


PLEASE Donate here: Text Clim78 to 70070 to donate £5 or visit Oscar's Just Giving Page by clicking HERE


Watch videos from Roycey's walk on his Facebook page - just click the logo!

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Watch the video to find out about #RoyceysAnytimeChallenge


If you would like Roycey help out with your fundraising efforts drop him an email,  tweet or Facebook message. All the links you need are on the CONTACT PAGE


Keep up with all Roycey's videps by subscribing to his YouTube and Vine channels...just click the logos!


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Roycey's #homeless challenge

As part of Roycey's on going charity campaign #RoyceysAnytimeChallenge he set out to help the homeless. Click the Go Fund Me logo to donate.


Watch the latest three videos of his quest to find Sharize. Watch the latest three videos of the #sharize challenge here and the whole challenge via Roycey's YouTube Channel.





Roycey's #APenForParis Challenge

The start of 2015 saw tragic events in Paris, where journalists and cartoonists from Paris based satire magazine Charlie Hebdo were gunned down by terrorists.


Roycey has dediced to embark on #APenForParis Challenge that will see him cycle from London to Paris non-stop.


Watch the video for more details.



From 2014 to the present time Ian has found a new love of giving back and helping others, just like his comedy its impromptu and spontaneous, these include, with no real planning (Or a map)....


Cycled from Edinbourgh to London single handedly, Jumped out of a plance, lived as a patient of T1D, spent 24 hours in wheelchair to support ~Help For Heroes" running up to The Invictus Games, cycled for 39 hours straight to Paris from London following the shocking events,in Paris in early 2015, helped some brave homeles people, shaved his legs, cycled from London To Brighton, twice, walked for over 25 hours from London to Brighton and even done a bit of art amoungst many other things, He is to continue to push himself to new limits during 2105 and find new ways to give back to life through his love of doing slightly insane all through his twitter hashtag and youtube chanel #RoyceysAnytimeChallenge Ian doesn't believe too much in making big plans, rather going with a gut feeling and breaking his own boundaries and fears.


Ian was in the top 5% of fundraisers of 2014 notified by the prestigious Just Giving page of which he is rightly, very proud!


2015 holds even more drama for Ian! He is not excited at all about taking on a Bungee jump for Shooting Star Chase. He tried it once and failed miserably coming back down in a cage with many boo's in Chelsea from a lively Australian crowd. Can he break his fear? Date soon.


Ian is excited to be giving his tine freely to host "The property awards" in February for the "Norwood" Charity in central London.  


Roycey's Bungee Jump For Shooting Star Chase

So Ian jumped out of a plane and conquered his biggest fear, well kinda of!  Here is why he did it...


Many years ago I went up in the cage to do a bungee jump, I came back down in the cage unable to do the 150 foot jump, just way too scared.


I did a 300 foot jump this Sunday for 3 reasons.


1. Shooting Star Chase is an amazing warm beautiful place.


2.My lovely long time twitter friend Hatty nominated me for as part of my #RoyceyAnyTimeChallenge


3. Today I believe anything is possible and I know no fear.....Or do I?


Watch  the video tp see how Roycey got on! If you can, PLEASE visit Roycey's JUST GIVING page to donate.


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